Sunday, September 20, 2009

Webheads in Poreč

Today was a very special day. Miha's wonderful mum took care of our two little monsters (now sound asleep in their monster beds), while Miha and I drove to Poreč, Croatia, and met up with Rita and Hector from Rosario, Argentina. My Rita the webhead, a dear dear online friend and partner! Incredible as an afternoon like this would have seemed to me less than 3 months ago, it's just happened today.
Rita is just the way I imagined her. Lively. Full of joy of life. Wonderful to talk to. With her and Hector and Miha we talked about life and work and the world. About borders and cultures and wars and politics. About friendship, curiosity, and serendipity. About the webheads. It was a beautiful waning summer day. And the world got really really small for awhile. :-)
Here are some of the photos Miha took - I only remembered to take his when we got back home (shame on me).


Dennis said...

Živjo, Saša.

How I enjoyed looking at the photos of you, Rita, Hector, and Miha in Poreč! What a wonderful, wonderful meeting that must have been! I felt as if I were there with the four of you!

I think you captured the spirit of that get-together especially well in two photos of you and Rita talking—the fourth and fifth in the series: the close-up of Rita smiling and commenting on something you'd just said, followed by the shot of the two of you at the outdoor cafe. I also liked the last photo: it's one of those enigmatic ones in which you sense that Miha is making some kind of comment without saying anything . . . but exactly what is being communicated is open to many interpretations.

Isn't it amazing that a collection of just a few images can tell a story?


Dennis in Phoenix

Saša said...

Hi Dennis,
Miha is our chief photographer at home - he really enjoys taking photos. I generally prefer the paparazzi style photos, when people are not aware they are being photographed - he always takes a lot of those too. ;-)
I agree about stories photos can tell - and I'm really looking forward to our coming I4E session. It's so much fun to play with these things.