Saturday, August 15, 2009

Morocco photos

This is my Morocco Flickr set

This is Frans' Morocco Flickr set. He's a very talented photographer, he also documented many of his beautiful pics, matching names and faces. With a little help from the iearn community, most of the faces on pics could get names.

And this is the iEARN flickr group some of us flooded. :-)


Dennis said...

Zdravo, Saša.

I'll have to keep coming back again and again to view the outstanding collection of Morocco photos. The only word I can think of to describe them is Čudovit!

In the first collection, two of my favorite shots were the one of you showing your henna-decorated hand and the one of you in Berber dress (complete with facial "tattoos"). I also enjoyed seeing Mbarek. Did I see Isabel Teixera from Brazil, too?

In the first collection, I also enjoyed the shots showing wall art and the ones showing those incredibly beautiful Moroccan tiles.

Hvala lepa, my friend!


Dennis in Phoenix

Saša said...

Thanks Dennis, for your kind comment here. Isabel is on some photos too, yes - on this one here for example:
Hugs back,