Friday, February 27, 2009

Interactive whiteboard

My school bought 2 (or 3, not sure) SMART boards (680V) so I am having a look at it. Teachers were invited for a 2-hour demonstration of how it works awhile ago but I was only able to be present for the first half an hour, and am exploring the basics via Google now. The SMART board is now in a conference room at school so interested teachers can try it out. Problem? There is just the whiteboard there, so if you want to fool around with it you need to bring your laptop, install the software, find the cables and projector to get the thing going.
M helped me out, we had a peek. First impressions?
- looks nice, turned it on, calibrated it and tried the basic writing tools. Felt a bit clumsy for writing - could be because I used my finger instead of the appropriate pen (need to find one).
- also noticed you need to be careful where you stand and how you move - not to come between the projector and the SMART board or trip over the USB cable.
Want to explore it more. Need to check how people use this in class, see how it could be of use to me.

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Peter said...


It's Peter from the YMCA Academy here where Robin produced "Hidden" for the Adobe Youth Voices project. :-)

Soooo, I was going to write my idea to you there on iEARN, but I will write it here after coming here to just research your project.

I have wanted an electronic graffiti board in my school (small school - 50 kids) for a while. I have a Smart Board. It was my plan for teachers to use it in the curricular areas in their classes, but that doesn't happen so easily.

So I have decided - this evening - to set it up in a public place in the school as a graffiti board. There will be technical issues - like the board or projector getting out of alignment, bulb-on time, and so on - but there will be students who will be happy to look after that.

So, Talk On, Walls!