Friday, February 28, 2014

Exploring the guts

I have been enjoying the pleasures and sorrows of the world wide web long enough to consider it decent to add some HTML basics to my usual user-oriented web scratching.

These two lovely websites got me started:
The first one doesn't require any registration, the second one does.

I browsed through the first one but actually did the second one. I like Codeacademy's:
  • integrated approach; read and code, no switching between apps is necessary,
  • insistence on completing quick practical tests before moving on to next topic (I tend to skip or do partially such stuff...),
  • feature showing the progress you make as you go along.
I really appreciate the magic of well-designed online courses - the way they not only save time taking you places but also make you feel good by showing you your progress and letting you know you have accomplished something.

A lesson for the teacher in me - improve the tracking of progress and accomplishments in your school Moodle.

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