Friday, February 08, 2013

Just a different way of thinking

The Good Life

I used to think that stupidity was the cause of people not being able to see things that were obvious to me. Today I realize it was not stupidity; it is just a different way of thinking. Dr.Temple Grandin
Dr. Grandin is autistic - a gift and a curse that gives  a more profound visual, pattern or verbal functioning at the expanse of social one. Through her gift of seeing differently, she can see what most fail to perceive, and has used this successfully, among other things, to make farming and slaughtering facilities somewhat less cruel to animals. The world needs all kind of minds, she shows in her TED talk, bringing autism closer to non-autistic population.

Her quote made me think how easily we tend to use the word stupidity for things, we don't understand - stupidity around us or within us?

...Hence my Week 4 Neuro homework:

EVO homework


Mila said...

It looks like found the same quote interesting - I also inluded T. Grandin's comment on stupidity. I thought it was very useful - not only in the classrom but also in our daily lives.
A great post once again!

ester lato said...

I love Your post, it helped me to see the power of other types of intelligence, the words "the world needs alla Kind of minds" were an epiphany for me! Thanks!

Patricia said...

Grandin definitely teaches us a great lesson to be taken into our classrooms. We'd better look closer before putting anything or anyone in the narrow box of stupidity. Loved your post!