Thursday, January 31, 2013

I want you

Week 3 – attention. Needless to say, essential in efficient and focused learning. Or teaching. Or any other thing we want to do well. There's a battle going on in our brain for it all the time – and it is not completely in our power to choose the winner...
 Weapons Of Mass Distraction
So, what can I do to gain more control over my attention? In theory, reflecting should help, kind of what we are encouraged to do here; think about what sort of things I do, why I do them, how I do them, could I do them better, should I do them better, am I aware of my priorities, can I improve my juggling - or should I perhaps expect less of myself.
A large part of our behaviour is driven by our subconsciousness. Getting to know ourselves better should help us do things better.
How to Focus
How to Focus infographic

p.s. I'm still thinking what my Dan Pink sentence might be.


Karen Haines said...

Yes, I'm still working on my sentence too. It's harder than you might think! Karen

Mary H said...

I love the picture of the cat staying focused ;)