Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Here goes my object story.
Mirror, mirror on the wall
My favorite mirror. Small - but big enough to cram my face in. I got it for my 31st birthday from my husband cousin's wife Katarina, a young talented artist with millions of creative ideas.
Katarina had bought the little mirror with the simple bright orange frame and painted my family on it – the 3 stick figures are my 3 boys (my husband and the kids) and me.
I like the way there's just the 4 of us depicted against the lively orange background – blank, with no background noise or any other distraction - just us. Life sometimes runs faster than I'd like, and is often filled more with things I need to do than with things I want to do. The little painted mirror makes me feel good – its lively colors, its simplicity, the way it magically dispels everyday clutter and brings a smile to my face when I rest my eyes on it. I like it. :-)

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