Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Webhead meeting in Slovenia

Cris Costa and her Portuguese friends Sara, Magda, and Bruno spent part of her vacations in our neck of the woods :-). Miha and I met them in Koper and spend the evening with them in Izola, a nice old fishing town on the Slovene coast. There was a street feast going on and we had a fishy dinner by the sea, some calamari, shells, and sardines. Cris and I talked and talked and talked – the few hours we managed to steal for ourselves flew with the speed of light. It is indeed a very special experience to meet an online friend for the first time. Cris is so young, so involved, has so many wonderful ideas. For every doubt and problem I mention regarding teaching and motivationg students she has a thousand suggestions and examples to show - a webhead in the truest sense of the word :-). I wonder what I would be working on today had I not come across this community in 2005. Being part of it has changed my teaching and view of teaching. I'm learning to teach and learning to learn.
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rddietrich said...

Another note-worthy meeting! The village looks wonderful. U r right, it is wonderful to meet others from our global community. It would be fab to arrange a Webhead conference! Thanks for sharing.
Beijinhos from Portugal,
PS: U r right about Cris, she's full of fabulous ideas.
PSS: Love your blog

Carla Arena said...

Dear Sasha and Cris,

I just loved to see the photos of another webhead feast! I wish I were there with you. From your faces, I'm sure you had loads of fun together. And I know the feeling of just not stopping to talk! This weekend I met Susan Burgh (living in Italy) in Miami. Hard to describe the feeling and experience.

Thanks for sharing.


Cristina Costa said...

It was great fun!
thank you for making the trip to Slovenia such a great memory!

Nina Lyulkun said...

Hi Sasha, Cris and all who are visiting this wondeful and full of impressions Blog!

How lucky you are to meet f2f. I wish I met you this summer too.

Hope it will happen someday.
Thanks a ton for sharing, dear friends.
Stay happy and the best of luck to all of you.

{{{BIG HUG}}}}